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Pierre Montenay created the brokerage company in 1939 in Tours and Pierre Montenay Centre Ouest company exists under its current form since 1975.

Our offices are located 4 ,allée du Manoir 37010 TOURS-France , since 1981.

Pierre Montenay Centre Ouest initially carried out its brokerage activities in agricultural , derivative and dairy products on the French market, to expand more and more throughout the European Union, since the early 1990’s.


The contact of our various brokers with the international stock exchanges and the commodity markets is permanent. This allows us to better follow the evolution of the markets and to offer our interlocutors a precise and up-to-date overview of national and international exchanges.

The company currently employs 13 people, including 7 brokers, divided into 2 departments:

  • Liquid dairy products and died dairy ingredients
  • Meals, dry feed, by-products of cereals and proteaginous

Our 5 commercial assistants confirm and monitor contracts (drafting, execution, logistics, etc.). They process more than 10,000 contracts per year for both commercial departments.

Finally, our accountant manages the day-to-day invoicing and monitors receipts for all customers, in tandem with the administrative and financial manager.

company established since

brokers divided into 2 services



The broker is at the heart of the agricultural sector. This trade intermediary is responsible for collecting and analyzing market information.

Our role is also to lead the negotiation between a buyer and a seller, in order to to reach a contractual agreement for a product and its variables (quality, quantity, price, monthly payments, place of loading or delivery, terms of payment…).

Our mission also consists in confirming the agreement orally first and then in writing, as soon as all the conditions are accepted by both parties.

Since the broker is neither a buyer nor a seller, our independence and neutrality during negotiations are assured. Through his impartiality, the broker guarantees the proper negotiation, drafting and execution of the contract.

The broker’s business confirmation prevails before the law in case of disputes, over those of the counterparts.

Broker on oath

Becoming broker on oath is an important, although optional, step in a broker’s career. If he takes an oth before the Court of Appeal and in accordance with law 2011-850 of July 20, 2011, the broker may be called upon to fulfill missions of public interest, such as, for example, in our sector of activity, officially record the price of the goods and intervene in the context of amicable or legal expertise.

A new representative body has also been created: the National Council of Commodity Brokers on Oath.

Also, the company is an active member of the French Federation of Commodity Broker Syndicates. This affiliation provides us with a legal and regulatory watch ,essential to our activity.

The agricultural world is the guardian of the earth, the nourisher of bodies, and the soul of nature.

Our sectors of activity

Dairy products


Four brokers constitute the « Dairy Products » service:

  • Olivier Blois, (German, English), processes liquid dairy products: raw milk, skimmed milk, skimmed milk concentrate, cream, buttermilk, whey, permeate, etc, … in cow but also goat and sheep milks.
    He operates on the french market and within the E.U..
  • Pascal Da Neves, (English, Spanish and Portuguese), as well as Nikolay Baltadzhi, (Russian and English), deal with dairy products in powders for food and feed consumption: skimmed milk powders, sweet whey powders, buttermilk, butter, WPC etc …
    They also operate in France & within the E.U.
  • Eric Etchegorry operates on both the national and the E.U. market for all dairy products and its by-products such as liquids or powders, conventional or organic, from cows, goats, sheep or buffalos.
    Whey powders, WPC, permeates and buttermilk.
    Processed products such as cheese, UHT milk, etc…
    He is also at your disposal for the study and the implementation of custom work on all dairy products (cheese, drying, packaging, etc…)

We are at your disposal for any request on these products, but also on processed products (cheese, UHT, etc.)

Meals, co-products and dehydrated

The meals, by-products and dehydrated products department is also composed of 3 brokers: David Bizouarne, Laurent Joncoux and Jérémy Peigné.

All transactions are carried out between manufacturers/importers/traders and food manufacturers or distributors of raw materials. The geographical network extends over the whole country and borders. Among the multitude of raw materials used for livestock feed, soybean, rapeseed and sunflower cakes as well as beetroot pulp and alfalfa are the most processed.

Jérémy Peigné is active in the non-GMO labeled soybean market in France and neighboring countries.


Dairy products

Olivier BLOIS

Meals, co-products and dehydrated


Commercial Secretaries & assistants


Accounting department


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